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August 11, 2021 · 1mins read


Adding metadata to pages (such as a title or description) is key in helping search engines like Google understand your content and decide when to surface it in search results.

React Helmet is a package that provides a React component interface for you to manage your document head.

Gatsby’s react helmet plugin provides drop-in support for server rendering data added with React Helmet. Using the plugin, attributes you add to React Helmet will be added to the static HTML pages that Gatsby builds.

import React from "react"
import PropTypes from "prop-types"
import { Helmet } from "react-helmet"
import { useStaticQuery, graphql } from "gatsby"
function SEO({ description, lang, meta, title }) {
  const { site } = useStaticQuery(
      query {
        site {
          siteMetadata {

Keep making it better

In this section, we’ve shown you a few Gatsby-specific tools to improve your site’s performance and prepare to go live.

Lighthouse is a great tool for site improvements and learning — Continue looking through the detailed feedback it provides and keep making your site better!